S to the Third Power Hypnotism is an exciting new way of building those key attributes for success as a hypnotherapist: confidence, competence and the ability to think fast “on one’s feet”. Many hypnotherapists are encouraged to base their interventions on scripts and/or one or two tools such as regression, but we believe that a fully flexible and integrated approach is the most effective. In this way the therapist delivers a tailor-made service to each individual client.


  • The three Ss: Strategy, skills and synergy
  • How to decide strategy effectively and rapidly
  • How to develop the skills you need
  • How to bring this all together into a synergistic whole

You Will Receive:

A complete course manual with this training that will be a valuable resource for the future. Additionally, you will receive a speciality certification from the UK Academy as a testament to your achievement.


Shaun Brookhouse and Fiona Biddle.

Who should attend?

Hypnotherapists who wish to increase their scope of practice and their effectiveness with a wide range of clients and issues.

Entry requirements:

Applicants for this course would be expected to be practising hypnotherapists, at least 6 months since qualification.

Structure of the course:

This is a three day course.


£300. Payment may be spread over a period of up to six months by arrangement.


This programme will be held at Brookhouse Hypnotherapy London, #7 23-24 Great James St, London, WC1N 3ES

Distance learning option:

Suitably qualified applicants may undertake this course via distance learning, although the Academy does recommend live training as offering an excellent opportunity for practical experience of the techniques being taught.


The course will be accompanied by a short question paper which maps to the learning outcomes.