This special certification programme is designed for hypnotherapists who want to consolidate their knowledge of the great Dr Milton Erickson into their professional practices.


  • The Milton Model
  • Confusion Techniques
  • Vague Language Utilisation
  • The Utilisation Approach
  • The Early Learning Set
  • Metaphor Design and Implementation
  • Keys to Successful Therapeutic Questioning
  • How to Deal with Resistant Clients
  • The Art of Behavioural Flexibility
  • Indirect Models of Hypnosis
  • The Fast Phobia Technique
  • Time Distortion
  • Goal Orientation
  • Historical Context of Erickson
  • Chunking
  • ‘As If’ Inductions…
  • …and much more

You Will Receive:

A complete course manual with this training that will be a valuable resource for the future. It includes scripts and strategies which will make your use of Ericksonian Hypnosis seem seamless. Additionally, you will receive a speciality certification from the National Guild of Hypnotists and the UK Academy as a testament to your achievement.


Shaun Brookhouse

Who should attend:

Hypnotherapists who wish to extend their range of services and add to the power of their therapeutic tool bag.

Entry requirements:

Applicants for this course would be expected to be practising hypnotherapists or in training to be a hypnotherapist.

Structure of the course:

This is currently only available via distance learning.


£350. This includes a specialty certification from the National Guild of Hypnotists in the US as well as through the UK Academy. Payment may be spread over a period of up to four months by arrangement.


The course will be accompanied by a short question paper which maps to the learning outcomes.