The UK Academy Professional Counselling Courses are designed specifically for people who are already qualified hypnotherapists. We have heard so many times of people wishing to learn counselling skills or to become a professional counsellor as another string to their therapeutic bow, who have had to attend basic courses with others with no therapy background. In many areas there is little choice, and also many in practice find it difficult to attend a day per week (or similar).

Our courses are comprehensive, and although everything necessary is covered, we presume a level of knowledge and involvement applicable to a qualified therapist. We allow you to study in your own time, and while offering full support recognise that independent study is often the most applicable route to you achieving your goals.


Most modules are facilitated by Shaun Brookhouse and Fiona Biddle. Some other modules will be run be guest facilitators.

Who Should Attend?

These courses are designed for practising hypnotherapists who want to maximise their results and their professional standing.

Entry requirements:

Prospective students would be expected to have a formal qualification in hypnotherapy. All prospective students will be interviewed before being offered a place on the course. The decision of the UK Academy as to the suitability of past experience and qualifications for undertaking this course will be final.

Structure of the Courses:

These courses are distance learning. There is support available from the tutors at every stage of your study and there is no maximum time for completion of any module.

Certificate in Professional Counselling for Hypnotherapists

The certificate course comprises four modules.
The following are compulsory:

Module 1: The therapeutic relationship
Module 2: Counselling skills
Half module: Ethics

The remaining one and a half modules can be selected from the table below.

Diploma in Professional Counselling for Hypnotherapists

Follows on from completion of Certificate. Six modules are required for completion.

Gestalt I
Gestalt II
Transpersonal therapy
Psycho-dynamic counselling
Transactional Analysis I
Transactional Analysis II
Person-centred counselling
Child development
Behavioural psychology

½ Modules
Grief counselling
Sports therapy
Humanistic principles

Accreditation for Prior Learning may be applied for. Administrative fee per module for which APL is granted: £25


£100 per module


Through the UK Academy


Short question papers will be completed on each module. Some modules will require submission of a recorded session which can be real (with permission) or role play.