One of the difficulties that some practitioners have expressed to us is meeting their annual CPD requirements, as going to live courses is inconvenient at times. Also, there is the expense of travel and sometimes hotel expenses that needs to be taken into account.

We at the UK Academy, have come up with what we believe to be an excellent way for you to meet some of your CPD requirements in a cost effective, interesting and fun way. We have created our mini module programme. These modules are designed in an easy chunk method, so that you can choose the modules you want to do from the comfort of your own home or office. The modules cover the following topics:

Abraham Maslow
Affect Bridge
Albert Bandura
Attachment Theory
Core Conditions : the foundation for effective therapy part II
Cycling Metaphor
Ego Strengthening
Ellis: sane and insane sentences
Erickson’s Early Learning and Yes Sets
Erik Erikson
Exercise for Mental Health
Existential Givens
Eye Patterns
False Memory Syndrome
Fast Fear
Fear of Flying
Fiona’s Bubble
Free Floating Regression
Freudian Defence Mechanisms
Freud’s theory of the mind
Gestalt: the cycle of awareness
Gestalt: two chair work
Glove Anaesthesia
Health Belief Model of Motivation
History of Hypnosis
Humanistic Principles: the foundation for effective therapy part I
Hypnosis in Dentistry
Ideo Motor responses
Installing New Software Metaphor
Jungian Part I
Jungian Part II
Kahnemann’s 20000 Moments
Keys to an achievable outcome
Language Patterns
Motivation: attribution
Motivation: Intrinsic and extrinsic
Motivation: locus of control
Motivation: self-determination theory
Practice Building: income and success formulae
Projection and Projective Identification
Public Speaking
Rogers: self theory
Self esteem, self confidence and self efficacy
Study Skills (from consumer guide)
Suggestability Tests
Systematic Desensitisation
TA: drama triangle and life positions
TA: ego states and transactions
TA: injunctions, patterns and drivers
TA: life scripts
TA: racket feelings
The Intentions of a Therapist
Transference and Counter-transference
Transtheoretical Model of Behaviour Change
Using a time line for regression
What is Psychological Health?
When not to use Hypnosis

These modules are priced at £30 each, or there are  considerable discounts for multiple purchases (5 Modules for £24 each, 20 modules for £18 each and 50 Modules for £12 each), to purchase click HERE A certificate will be provided upon successful completion of the mini module.

Each module is worth 2 hours of CPD.